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  6月6日,市委外辦主任曹賽先與到訪(fǎng)的愛(ài)爾蘭駐華大使安黛文(Ann Derwin)一行座談。

  On June 6, Director General Cao Saixian of Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office met with Ann Derwin, Ambassador of Ireland to China. 


  曹賽先主任對安黛文大使一行表示歡迎,并介紹深圳是一座年輕、創(chuàng )新、開(kāi)放、綠色、以人為本的城市,全市平均年齡只有32.5歲,擁有1200多座公園,與59個(gè)國家的95座城市互為友城。她指出,希望繼續加強深圳與愛(ài)爾蘭在經(jīng)貿投資、文化旅游、教育、友城等領(lǐng)域交流合作,鼓勵更多人員互訪(fǎng)。

  Director General Cao welcomed Ambassador Derwin, and introduced Shenzhen as a young, open and green city of innovation. The city has over 1200 parks and has established sister or friendship city ties with 95 cities from 59 countries. The average age of the city’s population is 32.5. She suggested that Shenzhen and Ireland strengthen cooperation and exchanges in trade and investment, culture and tourism, education, friendship city ties and mutual visits.


  Ambassador Ann Derwin said that this year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Ireland. The two countries have had solid cooperation foundation in various fields. She hoped to further cooperation with Shenzhen in trade and investment, the building of a book city, arts and performances and higher education, and also to encourage more mutual visits, especially of teachers and students, so as to deepen mutual understanding and friendship.